Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well another year and my favorite time of year. It by far out shines Christmas in my book. It is the most fun you can legally have I think. I got turned on the horror many many years ago. I was maybe 9 not sure. I went to visit my sophisticated cousin 2 years older than me and she lived in Detroit. I was very naive and from a very small town.I had never been to or seen a scary movie. We watched The Mummys Hand. OMG. I was scared!!! I couldn't sleep! But I was hooked.
I thought it was my duty to make sure my kids didn't have to wait to such a late age to be introduced to such wonder and the enjoyment of being scared to death. So I started them at the young age of lets say 3 or 4. Maybe earlier can't remember for sure. My daughter was the biggest fan. She was my horror movie partner. Sir Graves was our Saturday afternoon best. I'll tell you more on another day of some of the things we have done and seen.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

fiber bars

OK, I am in love! I have found Fiber bars. Now some may wonder about this but believe me until you have tried them do not judge. They can be found in any grocery store. They are 140 calories and 4g of fat. As we all know the fat grams are the killers. Well I have sweet tooth and am constantly trying to lose weight so these are a God Send. Besides I get my fiber!!! and we all know why we need that.
I bought my first box last week .I opened the bar , ate it and couldn't believe it. I licked my figures and the wrapper. Now I left the box in my office, sitting on top of the little fridge in there. The next day when I got to work I was thinking of when to have my daily fiber when I thought I heard a noise in my office. I dismissed it the first time then I heard it again. I looked up and my Fiber One box was wiggling. We have been having a problem with mice the last few weeks so I figured that a mouse had discovered fiber bars. So I went over folded the flap down and sure enough he was jumping around in there so I took it to Wayne and asked him to get rid of the creature inside and bring me back my bars!!! Well he had only gotten into one bar so I still could get my fiber fix for the day. Which proves to me that even mice have good taste. Needless to say I don't leave them or anything eatable sitting around anymore. I even put my purse on a tall stool because my Fiber Bars are in it. I sure don't want to take a little friend home with me. But all kidding aside you have to try Fiber Bars, I like chocolate and oats. I just bought oats and caramel and wil try them soon.